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Blind spot

What art can teach us about it

· A4TC

We all have a blind spot in art which might block us from improvement. Mine is that being very experimental and creative, I am always curious and like a child I wanna try new things, I am excited by the next possibility. In a way this is also a strength because it let me always challenge the status quo but when it becomes too much I am not able to keep consistency, one single painting is a field for explorations which do not match together in an integrated artistic direction and the power of my paintings is diluted because of that.

I have this same blind spot or pitfall in my life because at the end of the story I am the same person in art and in life, with the same strengths and weaknesses. Also in life it is difficult for me to consolidate things because they soon become boring for me, so I have to keep an eye on my focus. In this sense art can help us to understand, in a safe environment what is THE THING we have to be aware of, and help us to apply it in all other contexts of our life.

In the same way you can analyze your blind spot or pitfall by thinking which is your core quality, the one everybody recognize in you since you are a child and ask yourself what happens when you use it too much. That "too much" might be your blind spot.