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Bridging East & West

Looking at the future by going back when all started, in the caves


· Paint storytelling

By Giorgia Madonno

I do strongly believe that at the core, below our cultural and social mask we are all the same. We have always been and we will always be. In the essence we are all human beings in a journey of discovery, transformation and self expression.

With my art I am trying to bridge East and West cultures, by going back at the source of humanity artistic search: there, in the caves in Europe, where our ancestors were carving their first form of art and inscriptions and there, in China when the ancient seal script characters are born (so similar to American rupestrian inscriptions to drive us to ask ourselves if there is really any distinction)

I am merging all these inspirations with our contemporary visual language: carved inscriptions and graffiti with spray and images pixelates on computer. I paint creating texture and using my hometown ground powder to anchor my art to my origins, after so many years in Asia that have changed me so much. I am asking myself which is my identity now... Italian + Asian? And I am realizing that 1+1 = 3 because in that liminal space where I am, in a in between space, I can remix things in a new way and create and be something new and different that is authentically an originally me and express it in my art.

A "me" that represents all human beings whose identity has been reshaped and mixed, probably all.

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