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Contemporary Language

What art can teach us about it?

· A4TC

Imagine painting like a form of visual language. Instead of words, painting uses colors, forms, strokes, composition, visual metaphors. Both languages, words and painting, evolve. As today we would not be understood if using Latin instead of Italian, French or Spanish, seemingly the visual codes change overtime. Painting as Caravaggio or Picasso today would be not perceived as contemporary by the new generations, while computer drawing might be perceived as contemporary for example. Which are the elements of current and future visual grammar? How to be relevant or a trend setter in this domain?

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I am not saying that we MUST look outside to be a good painter however if we use an obsolete language our message could be weaker or not in tune with the evolution of the society. This is the reason why I have started a research on the visual trends in different domains such as product development, architecture, fashion, graphic design, etc. to get inspiration for my art. Cross-field research is significantly impacting my creativity even if the path to find my own voice and language might be longer than just following someone else's path.

At work and in life it is the same.

Also in these domains we need to challenge the status quo if we want to remain relevant. We need to see which are the new trends in our field of work to be able to satisfy our clients and communicate with the new generations.

From my perspective, this is so fun! Because it keeps our mind and spirit fresh.

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