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Artistic cultural exchange 

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ThroughArt ( and My Art Space ( are pleased to announce the new artistic initiative"EastWest - Artistic cultural exchange" 


  • Cultural exchange through artistic expression in Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Italy) 
  • Making friends and creating artistic community between these two geographic areas Fare amicizia e creare comunità artistica tra queste due aree geografiche 
  • Giving visibility to artists between East and West 



Theme: Expression of  one's local culture (places, crafts, objects, traditions, history etc.) 

  • Artworks: 1-2 paintings per artist - any medium 
  • Number of artists: 5/6 based in Singapore, 5/6 based in Italy 



  • Getting toknow each other / Sharing the program 
  • Sharing of the research question by each artist and discussion among peers 
  • Production / Sharing (SHOW & TELL) of works of art in line with the theme and presentation by the artists of the relevant aspects of their local cultural. Artists will also be given the opportunity (by choice) to work in an East / West couple for artistic / aesthetic resonance or in order to respond to each other's work and vice versa in a logic of cultural dialogue. 
  • Online exhibition and visibility on the social networks of the organizers + sharing of video     recording of the SHOW & TELL sessions (Indicative period May / June 2022) 
  • Exhibition in TBC physical exhibition space - options under study  (AOSTA at Galleria      INARTTENDU /
  • Final meeting for sharing, learning and discussing ideas for next steps, greetings   


The artworks produced during the program will be visible dring the festival A(r)titude organized by ThroughArt in Valle d'Aosta Italy, in the following location: Saint Nicolas and Aosta - see below the program (in Italian)

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Involved Artists

From Italia

  • Vilma Maiocco (Abruzzo):
  • Emmanuele Lo Giudice (Roma/Palermo):
  • Giorgia Madonno (Torino/VdA):
  • Bobo Pernettaz (VdA):

From Singapore 

  • Donna Chu (HK):
  • Ying Wai Lin (SG):
  • Lila Baral (India):
  • Joy Haughton (UK):
  • Anastasia Barasneva (Bielorussia/UK): 


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