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In the “Naked Souls" series of paintings, the naked body of a woman does not want to be only the expression of her physical beauty but searches a connection with the intimate soul and emotions of the person below the mask of the “official self", looking for wholeness, authenticity and profound connection with the viewer. Naked souls are also about the meaning of being human and the journey of transformation that each human being walks during life.

Lilith is an ongoing painting, she is life, the ongoing transformation of ourselves. It is us, our identity, never the same again in a given moment. It is the archetypal feminine. The dark side, searching for the bright one and integrating with it through the search.

Lilith is looking for an Adam who is able not to close her in any garden and love her entirely in the infinite desert. She is a demon representing the independent and free woman. The luxurious, not maternal and tentative goddess. She is the snake inviting Eva and Adam to the unforgiving truth, to knowledge and temptations.

She is the alter ego of Eva, in eternal search for an integration with her, for completeness and true acceptance.

She looks at us inside us, painfully transformative.

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Poem inspired by Lilith written and interpreted by Roberta Fonsato. Listen here or here

Sequence of the painting so far. Only the last one is currently existing, until when Lilith is calling again.

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