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Tolerating confusion

What art can teach us about it

· A4TC

In art before having a breakthrough, it is necessary to accept confusion and struggle. Art does not have shortcuts because it is not just a matter of technique, it is a matter of practicing, reflecting and exploring in order to find your own voice, style and maturity level. It is not only a matter of studying and trying hard. Confusion and searching in the dark is part of the process and it might be very difficult to bear, because nobody can predict when and if you will be able to reach this level.

So for a long time you will ask yourself questions like: will I find my voice? Will I be good enough to become a real artist? My experience is that the only way is to focus on the next step, learn to see what artistically does not work well and correct it, have someone to remind you about your blind spot and try to overcome it. Being true to our identity and purpose is also very important, it gives us a reference to follow and the strength to let go control.

I do believe that it is the same process we experience when we are young and we still have to prove yourself in our profession. We do not know if we will be able to succeed but we continue our journey putting all the effort needed, trying our best and most importantly trying to be our true self. Only looking back, maybe when 40s or 50s we will know if we will "have made" it.

Also in life we might be tempted to copy others, for example by doing the work our family thinks is the best for us. Even if we are not passionate about it we might take a shortcut. Maybe we will be faster to achieve "success" in the eyes of others but this will not be “ real art”, it will be only good technique.

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