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Tuscany - Hansel & Gretel

Story of a painting

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Stillness & Silence Collection

In “Silence & Stillness” the calm landscapes invite the viewer to escape for a moment from the hectic everyday life and take time for reflection and stillness in the space of silence offered by the painting. As an artist, I do believe that too often we lose connection with ourselves and with my painting I would like to re-create a space where the viewer can hold a meaningful conversation with him/her self.

Tuscany Hansel & Gretel

Painted by the artist during an art trip in Tuscany, the calm landscape and moment of stillness becomes an occasion for personal, unconscious and unfiltered encounters. Through the bold charcoal strokes, we feel that somewhere, behind the first impression, there are scary and creepy feelings that cannot be avoided and fears that must be faced. The little house in the wood mimic the house of Hansel & Gretel in the Grimm Stories.

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