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Unbearable and broken

The story of a painting

· Naked soul,Paint storytelling

Nude soul collection

In “Nude Soul", the naked body of a woman does not want to be only the expression of her physical beauty but searches a connection with the intimate soul and emotions of the person below the mask of the “official self", looking for wholeness, authenticity and profound connection with the viewer.

Unbearable and broken

How to represent despair? The woman in this painting is desperate, and as suggested by the "whore" type of boots on the naked body, she is ashamed. Ashamed for her incapacity of stopping herself from sliding down in her desperation. Her figure is moving on the right side of the painting and she does not have anything to hold on and stop sliding. The red color, her face, her pose, her extremely thin body tell us she is suffering deeply. She is bleeding from the hearth, she is bleeding from every part of her body and soul. Nobody can help her because when you suffer so much inside nobody can rescue you; people are walking away, they cannot do anything for her, or maybe they could but they do not know how, or maybe they are the cause of her despair. The blue is the color of the dead body. She is dead to joy. She is any person who suffers in this world.

Art is also accepting unpredictable outcomes. They might be for a reason.

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