• Art for Christmas

    A special gift idea

    WHY Art?

    • for wellbeing (so needed in this quite unique moment we are living in) 
    • to develop sensitivity, emotional intelligence and ability to dialogue  with others and develop creativity
    • have a small group experience

    For WHOM?

    • Friends, family members, yourself  
    • A colleague, a collaborator, a team, the employees of a company 
    • Art for self-development and as a caring message 
    • A meaningful and unique gift
  • Proposal Art for Christmas

    The gifts can be chosen separately or combined together

    Contemplative Observation

    1 ora e 30’ – online in small group


    You will experiment a new way of looking at a painting.

    Deeply observing a painting can become a conversation with our conscious and unconscious, if we leave enough space to this to happen and this can develop self-awareness and profound dialogue with other people


    Facilitator: Giorgia Madonno


    Discover more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSpBW08j9SI

    Artistic objects

    with unique design

    • Notebook 
    • Carry-all pouch
    • Coffee mug 
    • Print or original painting
    • much more

    by the artist Giorgia Madonno

    e-learning Creativity Lab

    only for serious art learner

    • Objectives: Have a breakthrough in terms of creativity | Enhance painting experience beyond technique and learn artistic expression | Grow as individual through a reflection on your painting practice journey and a self-discovery exercise to connect with your true Self

    • Online learning platform (Facebook learning group) organized in units with videos, exercises, readings, weekly feedback by instructor

    • Units: 1) What is creativity | 2) Why having identified purpose and identity is important in art? 3) How to find your artistic research questions? | 4) How to find Inspiration? | 5) Observation skills trough intuitive sketching | 6) Ideation: how to be creative and generates ideas | 7) Apply expression into your painting | 8) Composition | 9) Realistic and Abstract painting

    • Monthly subscription will allow you to access the full online program in the Facebook learning group + weekly written feedback by instructor on your exercises + bi-weekly new video explaining a new guided practice exercise (on top of the ones already available).

    • This program is best for students with already some painting experience, not for beginner.

  • How does it work?

    Pleas write us if you need any additional information


    1. Single session of contemplative observation 30 SGD (20 SGD MAS members)
    2. E-learning Creativity Lab - Monthly subscription 40 SGD (30 SGD MAS members)
    3. Artistic objects: Coffee Mug (14$) – Carry-all-pouch (23$) – Notebook (15$) 
    4. Prints: https://fineartamerica.com/art/giorgia+madonno  
    5. Original Paintings: https://www.gmadonno.com/fine-art 


    • send u and email at info@marco-polo-consulting.com for inquiry
    • For the contemplative observation session we will send you an online Gift voucher that you can print directly or send it online to your gift receiver. The person who receives the gift will be able to chose the date of the session within the ones proposed between December 2020 and February 2021
    • The art object, after payment, will be sent to the address you will provide us. IMPORTANT: the production is done in USA and «on demand», so the purchase needs to be done quite in advance to arrive on time (at least 3-4 weeks in advance). 
    • For the original paintings we will evaluate with you the best solution to send them based on dimensions, frame and location.
    • Delivery prices are NOT included. Christmas gift package/paper is not provided.

    Giorgia Madonno

    A whole brain professional and personal journey

    Giorgia is a facilitator, OD expert and Artist. She is the founder of Marco-Polo Consulting, a consultancy company based in HK and operating in World Wide with major focus on Asia Pacific. The company is focused on facilitating dialogue and innovation for people-centric organizational transformations. She has been living and working in Europe, US and Asia acquiring a truly cross-cultural mindset. She is currently based in Singapore.


    Entrepreneur and Facilitator of Organization Transformation and innovation. In the last 10 years, since she created her own company in China, Giorgia has been facilitating journeys of transformations for individual, team, organization and people management systems in many Asian countries. She helps people and organizations to become more innovative and to improve the employee experience at work. She uses collaborative approaches such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious play, Art of Hosting.


    Corporate Human Resource senior executive. She has been leading HR departments/teams in international companies in Europe, US and Asia for more than 15 years. She alternates external and corporate HR Business partnership on site involvement to be able to both strategize and have broader perspective and at the same time deliver real impact on the business.


    EMBA adjunct professor. She has been adjunct professor of HR and Organizational Behaviors in China for Tongji/MIP EMBA in Shanghai - China


    Artist and “Art4transformation/Creativity©” facilitator. Formally trained and professional painter and visual/graphic facilitator, amateur theater actor and puppetry maker. In her consulting practice Giorgia currently leverages both her artistic and business experience to help others becoming more creative in the business context and develop their leadership and right brain. She is a strong advocate for visual thinking and for the power of art for business and self-transformation.

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