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    Giorgia Madonno

    "Art is something spiritual and connected with our soul. Humanity has a profound need for it "

    Artist, art coach, entrepreneur, university professor, consultant and facilitator. She has lived and worked in Italy, France, the United States, China and Singapore.

    After 15 years in the company as HR Director, she founded Marco Polo Consulting, a consulting company in organizational development and innovation that operates from Hong Kong all over the world. She has a double degree in communication from the universities of Turin and Lyon. She was a professor at the EMBA of MIP / Tongji University in China in Organizational Behaviours and Human Resources.

    As an artist she creates works that investigate the meaning of “being human" and its transformation process or, she captures the essence of the cities in which she lived and travelled. She is also a Graphic Recorder and teacher of creativity and art and has developed the "Art4Transformation&Creativity (A4T & C) methodology for the development of emotional intelligence and creativity."







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    Roberta Fonsato

    «La linfa della mia vita e del mio lavoro è
    nella potenza dell'arte e dell'incontro»

    She is a facilitator and an artist. Degree in work and organizational psychology and degree in cultural heritage conservation. For several years she has been conducting training courses in companies using the theatrical and poetic metaphor in the social, educational, academic, health and business fields.
    By integrating different body and theatrical disciplines and knowledge in the psychological field, she has created the LIA "Lab-IntegrArte" training method.

    Business sector: training courses in human resource management, conflict management, effective communication, occupational safety, interpersonal skills etc.
    Socio-health sector:
    *Training for sufferers of psycho-physical discomfort and coordination of projects in the field of theater and psychiatry (Theater, bio-music, tango therapy) - public and private facilities including residential communities and day centers.
    *Training of health and social workers on the relationship of help, burnout and work-related stress.

    Artistic sector: For over 25 years she has been involved in various roles: performer, director, creator of formats, with artistic collaborations and projects in Europe, Africa and South/centre America.


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    Alessandra Farina

    “Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar

    Classical studies at the high school “Umberto I” in Naples, where she discovers her passion for poetry and at the age of 17 she writes a book with the collection of her poems. Law Degree, Master in Business Management, Master in Management Training, Master in Horizontal Leadership Development. Project Manager of training courses, contracted university professor, trainer, facilitator, transformational ontological coach. Host of the Ulab hub of Turin, connected to the Ulab MOOC by Otto Scharmer of MIT in Boston and author of the case: Mondora a company of adults, included in the Italian version of the book “Reinventing organizations” by Frederic Laloux.


    She rediscovered her passion for poetry and its enormous power in individual and collective reflections both thanks to the experience of “Facilita2020”, an online 2 months cycle of facilitators’ gatherings, which she conducted in a team with two other facilitators and thanks to the “poetry coffee”, an online session for poetry sharing she invented for the “online suspended coffee”, a space to facilitate listening, born in the lockdown period. She has lived in Asia, China and Japan and for shorter periods in the UK and Brazil, she considers herself a citizen of the world. At the moment she loves to be and Art coach for poetry and her favorite lines are those of a poem by Antonio Machado.